Meet Nicholas Dillon

Inspirational, Innovative, and Empowering are but a few words to define the character of Nicholas Dillon.

An entrepreneur in his own right, Dillon is on a mission to pursue his passion and build a legacy of influence.

Dillon’s motivational speaking captures audiences in academic and corporate settings.

“My dad always had an entrepreneurial spirit and my mom encouraged me to be the best I can be in life because average will never get noticed or recognized,” says Dillon, who later in life took the leap of faith to pursue his education and the world of self-empowerment as a Certified Life Coach and counselor.

The Milwaukee native possesses a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and a Masters in Adult Education, as an alumnus of Marquette University and University of Phoenix, respectively. Nicholas initially launched his professional career in the field of Insurance & Risk Management. His career has placed him in front of business executives which served as a launching pad for the multifaceted professional he has become.

It has not come easy for Dillon to find his frame-of-reference and path to greatness. In his youth, Nicholas overcame health challenges related to lung and respiratory disease along with childhood bullying that fostered years of severe shyness and low self-esteem. Now, as an educator mentor, Dillon has moved beyond his past. He finds himself eager to share his inspiration in hopes of influencing others to push through obstacles to begin living their best life. “My spiritual foundation and recognizing that I belong to God and with Him all things are possible,” says Dillon. He encourages his clients and peers to use positive self-talk as a daily subconscious regimen to keep their mind focused on their purpose.

Nicholas Dillon has appeared on BET with Ed Gordon, BlogTalkRadio, and been featured as a speaker keynote speaker for several national conferences and organizations.  Nicholas had built a reputation as an expert in coaching. He has authored his first published book titled, “Who Do You Think You Are? – The Power of BELIEVING in Yourself.”  Mr. Dillon has garnished the reputation of quickly thinking on his feet and welcomes the opportunity to discuss on topics from relationships to self-image.  Recently, Dillon presented the commencement address for Sanford Brown University’s graduating class of 2011.

Proving that your persistence and determination can take you wherever you want to go, Nicholas Dillon, motivational speaker, educator, life coach, and author is a mogul in the making led by divine inspiration.

Professional Life Coach


  1. This is great man. Wow!

  2. Hi everyone, David L. Brown here, author of the Athlete Career Killer™ 12-part book series.

    I consider Nick Dillon a friend and wonderful person, who exhibits character and integrity in everything he does.

    I reached out to Nick while preparing to release my book series and he was gracious enough to provide excellent feedback and insights. I am happy and proud that Nick accepted my invitation to become an important part of my book series by providing a testimonial for my book, College Academics: Athlete Career Killer™.

    Anyone who has the opportunity to work with, partner with or collaborate with Nick Dillon, will come out of the experience a better person. I highly recommend and endorse Nick, and I look forward to collaborating with him again on future projects.

    Thanks again, Nick!

    Your friend,

    David L. Brown, Author
    Athlete Career Killer™ Book Series

  3. The bio is absolutely awesome… I love how you used your parent’s advise to shape you into becoming the person that you are. They must be extremely proud. Your accomplishments are truly impressive and constantly growing. OVER THE TOP

  4. Dear Nick:
    It was a pleasure to meet you at Marquette University’s Ethnic Alumni Associaiton’s brunch in July. It was my first time back on campus.

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